Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do you have an old digital point-n-shoot?

Many of you know that I volunteer at the Greenhouse – a Christian Community Enrichment Center located in the Gardenland/Northgate neighborhood of Sacramento, California. The Center offers after-school tutoring, mentoring, summer day camps, a youth group for teens, leadership development, and skill-building workshops. I help the kids there with math and answer lots of computer questions but I also conduct a photography workshop. I teach the kids the basic skills of taking photos and then we go out take pictures and create a slideshows and books of the their work. Many of the kids participate and they really enjoy taking photos.

This year we’d like to take the workshop to another level and create a photography program. The program is called Exposure and the objective is not only to expose the kids of the Greenhouse to photography but to expose them to experiences that may foster a greater interest in the arts. We plan field trips to the Crocker, Second Saturday, and trips specifically for taking photos. We’ll also have guest speakers so if you’re a photographer, you can expect a call from me. We would like to get the program started in late March and we need your help.

We need your digital point-n-shoot cameras that you don’t use any more. Doesn’t matter if you not sure if it works or not. We need it. If you have a camera that you can donate, contact me. I’ll come pick it up! If you’re out of town, drop it in the mail to me and I’ll reimburse you for the postage. So go through the drawers and closets of your house and find those old cameras. Thank you in advance for your help.