Monday, January 28, 2008

Carpe Diem, Carpe Vino

So if you're gonna go out and have a great meal, why wouldn't you have great wine as well... and share it with great friends. That's what we did last Saturday night. We went to Carpe Vino located in Old Town Auburn. Well worth the 40 minute trip up the hill from Sacramento. We also had the opportunity to eat a private dining area known as the Cave. Two of the walls were brick and part of the original building built in 1855 and the other two walls were the side of the hill it built against. The rock was sticking out of the side of the hill with small ledges for the candles that lit the room for a perfect ambiance to the evening. What a wonderful dining experience. You might even meet some new friends like we did. We introduced our selves to Lisa and Alicia who were there having some wine, waiting for their table. We found out that they've bee friends since the second grade. If you enjoy good food and good wine you need to check this place out. I know we'll be going back. Check out some of the pictures below....

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