Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday Night Salsa Dancing

OK. So Mary and I had a very busy weekend... major trip to Home Depot for lighting, Sacramento Rivercats Baseball, Dinner on Sunday with some really good friends in Granite Bay, but the highlight of the weekend was Saturday night. Bobby and Wendy Fresques invited us to a Court Party in their neighborhood. What a great turn out. There were 80 to 100 neighbors and friends and plenty food and drink. They even had a Latin Jazz band that ROCKED!! the neighborhood. As it started to cool down and folks were feeling a little less inhibited, a little salsa dancing broke out and started to liven things up a bit. But I think the best of the night goes to the Fresques Girls who were dancing in the street till the wee hours... talk about shakin' it up... Check out the slideshow...

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