Sunday, August 24, 2008

Football is in the Air

If you've read the "Inside Info" on my website, you know that I've said that I think football is stupid even though I played the game in college. What I really meant was that at my age, it's silly to think you can still play. :-) But even so when I have an opportunity to get down on the field and close to the action, that's what happens... I want to put on the gear and get out there and bang some heads... see, isn't that silly.

I had the opportunity to go to Hornet Field, home of the Sacramento State Hornets to watch a scrimage. I was also at field level so I was able to get real close to the action. Then I stood next to some of the guys... they're a lot bigger than I remembered.

I happen to know the head coach, Marshall Sperbeck, so it's possible that I'll be able to go down to field level for the real thing and take some pictures. From what I saw on Saturday, it's much safer on the side lines... Check out some of the shots...

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